Penelope Bell Coaching



“The mind clearing process has been quite amazing, helping me bust past mental barriers that were slowing me down and creating anxiety. One hour with Penelope helped me get unstuck and clear, and I have had several sessions that resulted in my being able to take immediate action to get the results that I envision. I highly recommend Penelope’s work because I’ve experienced the immediate benefits!”

Cynthia Clay, Owner & CEO Netspeed Learning. Author; Great Webinars & Peer Power

“I reach out to Penelope when I’ve run into a block or a piece of my pain-body where I’m feeling the most vulnerable. Sessions with her remove those core-level barriers that make me want to give up. Penelope has the intellectual horsepower to understand the complexity of the issues I face, which genuinely separates her from the crowd. She provides a space that is calm, respectful, and holistic. I leave sessions with renewed energy and perspective to solve some of my toughest issues. ”

Anna Steffeney, Founder and CEO, Leave Logic


“Do not hesitate to hire Penelope Bell. I am honored to recommend her services for your organization, for individual executives or for your entire team- in the areas of facilitation, leadership development, and personal development. I’ve watched Penelope work with other executives in a number of capacities – as a facilitator, leading mastermind groups, and as a truly gifted counselor for my core team going through a sudden death trauma of a deeply loved member of our organization. I have watched her help executives break through lifelong personal barriers and find insights that changed their personal lives and organizations for the better. I have also worked with Penelope personally. I trust her wholeheartedly to treat sacred any dark secrets, deep fears and personal flaws. She will help you find the Warrior Goddess that you know is there waiting. Yes, you should call her right now.”

Julie Pond  Founder & President Sage Environmental Services

“For nearly 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of both observing Penelope facilitate groups and participating in the groups she leads. I would have to say that beyond her obvious expertise and the ease with which she leads and directs her programs, what strikes me most about Penelope’s facilitation is her passionate, unwavering commitment to that better part of each of us that she so clearly recognizes and holds precious.  She repeatedly astounds me by how dialed-in she is to the person in front of her.  She often senses what is unspoken or hidden, something that if revealed would yield great awareness and growth for the individual or the group as a whole. And yet even in the midst of such demonstrations of sensitivity, Penelope stands as a powerful, albeit compassionate, advocate for the “best” of who we are and what each of us can be. Through the years, she has done this work on and for herself, and so her credibility shines through as one who has “been there” and “done that.” I consider myself and others lucky to have had the chance to interact and be touched by this extraordinary woman. “  

Scott Paseltiner, Angel Investor Gabrielle Trading. 2004


“Thanks for bringing your wonderful work into my world. You are an awesome facilitator. I learned a lot about myself and the art of facilitation.”

Mary Jane Pioli, Co-founder and facilitator, Women President’s Organization  

“I am no longer entrenched in the past-  I just don’t go there any more.  I am more present in my marriage and more confident in my work. Your work feels revolutionary to me and I do not hesitate to refer my clients to you.  Thank you.”

Kathy Clayton, Kathy Clayton Coaching