Penelope Bell




Private Practice   1989 – Present

Modalities used during sessions:  Mind Clearing, Mindfulness Practices, CBT, Somatic (body based) awareness, Business Consulting.

Inner Journey Seminars 1999-2008  Co-founder and facilitator.

The Inner Journey Seminars is a personal development organization providing residential intensives and follow-up programs. Co-facilitated over 60 intensives. Results have been extraordinary. Focus on family-of-origin issues, healing between men and women, personal empowerment and meditation practices. Over 2,000 individuals have participated in the program to-date.

Quest Intensive                      1996 – 1998

Project manager, volunteer coordinator and staff leader.  Handled marketing, enrolling and training teams of volunteers, as well as all production issues from site procurement to follow-up programs.

Resume Righters      1985 – 1989

Cofounder of company that produced resumes and conducted executive search.  Administrator, bookkeeper and marketing coordinator.  Managed teams of part-time marketing assistants and served as HR manager for full time writers.  In less than two years, helped grow company from in-home business generating $8,000 a year to a full suite in San Francisco’s financial district generating over $150,000 annually.


Mind Clearing Masters’ Certification, CMC  2008-2013

Antioch University, Seattle, WA  Masters level classes included Systems Perspectives, Multicultural Perspectives, Gender Development, Counseling Jews, Family of Origin, Ethics, Psycho-Diagnostics, Psycho-pathology.  Sponsored course; Clinical Treatments for Internalized Oppressions

San Francisco State University, B.A. English, cum laude.  Additional studies in Biofeedback, Eastern/Western Spiritual Perspectives, Women Race and Class and Incarcerated Women with Angela Davis, Black Citizens and the U.S. Constitution, Ancient African Civilizations, and eight-year immersion in Afro-Haitian dance and spiritual studies.

Professional Bioenergetics Training  Clinical training with Michael Conant, Ph.D.   Trained in bioenergetics, a discipline that combines work with the body and the mind to help clients resolve problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy in living. This experience involved six months of in-depth training with psychotherapists in private practice learning techniques for increasing physical awareness, releasing emotional blocks, recognizing somatic shock patterns and other clinical applications for somatic based counseling.

Bodynamics Clinical Training 1993-1994 Studied Bodynamic Analysis, an in depth body-oriented psychology founded in Denmark by Lisbeth Marcher and her colleagues. For 25 years, Marcher and her staff researched a combination of physical therapy and psychotherapy, and through this process discovered not only that emotions are held in the body musculature but there is a developmental sequence to muscle enervation and growth. These observations and insights allowed her team to create a developmental map of the body using the muscles’ state of tension or collapse for each level of development.

Apprenticeship: Supervised by Naomi O’Keefe, Ph.D. Seven-year apprenticeship serving clients suffering from severe trauma. Provided massage therapy as adjunct treatment to clients’ psychotherapy treatment.

Certified Inner Journey Facilitator  1998-2008 Seattle, San Francisco, D.C., Chicago and Canada.   Facilitated individual, small and large group transformational intensives. Training included 2,500+ hour internship with supervision and additional coaching.

Re-Evaluation Counselor 1997-Present  Social Change and Leadership development, peer counseling, workshops and ongoing classes: topics focus on “isms”… the patterns and conditioning created by religious, class, gender, age and race oppressions.

Landmark Education Forum, Advanced Course and various Seminars

Warrior Sage  Enlightenment Intensives, Sex Passion and Enlightenment, Living from Truth, Mind Clearing